Here’s how $70 or $700 can maximize your investment in our kids

Your Donation to CTO during the first year
Qualifies for a 65% Iowa Tax Credit
Earns you
a 28% Federal Tax Deduction*
So, your total Out-of-Pocket Cost**

A great investment in our kids

Help pave their way to opportunity, greater knowledge, self-esteem and success through the Catholic Tuition Organization and...

Get a 65% Tax Credit!

*Calculations assume a federal tax rate of 28%. **Calculations are based on the Iowa State Tax Credit and a 28% federal tax rate during the year of the gift. Please contact your tax consultant to determine your actual tax savings.

Mark Your Calendars!

April 3rd: Application deadline for round 1: application must be postmarked by April 3 .
July 31st : Application deadline for round 2